Subject Overviews

Pride – Perseverance, Resilience, Independence, Distractions (managing), Explain (your learning)


We support and teach our children to be able to wait and work through difficulties, this can be with their mind, body, or emotions.


Through PSHE, the ethos of our interactive learning (Kagan), our curriculum and the nurturing environment of our school, we support our children in being able to bounce back from stress, challenge, tragedy, trauma or adversity. When our children are resilient, they are braver, more curious, more adaptable, and more able to extend their reach into the world. The great news is that resilience is something that can be nurtured in all children


From a child’s very first day at North Wingfield Primary and Nursery Academy, we support and guide our children to be independent. As they develop perseverance and resilience, they develop the ability to work through their tasks without relying on other people. They are able to make their own decision without just following others.


Children are very inquisitive about their peers. Children are supported and praised for paying attention to their own learning, managing distractions and choosing to ignore or moving away.​

Explain your learning.

We guide children to develop their metacognitive skills they are asked to tell their teacher or partner how they have completed their task. This might be explaining how they found the answer to a sum, or why they planned their writing.

The Write Stuff

Our children are supported with their literacy development through the Write Stuff Programme.

The Write Stuff was created by Jane Considine, and is a system that sharpens the teaching and learning of writing within the classroom. It is research informed and practically applies evidence into effective best bets for improving writing outcomes.

English Progression of Skills

Literacy Overview

Reading Spine

Below is our whole school reading spine. The texts are used across the year and used as a focus three times a week.

Reading Spine Whole School

At North Wingfield Primary and Nursery Academy, we aim to offer pupils a rich and enjoyable experience in mathematics by providing the knowledge, skills, concepts and processes that are appropriate to each individual and that relate to the world around them.

Maths Policy

Power Maths Information For Parents

Learning Overviews

Reception Maths Overview

Year 1 Maths Overview

Year 2 Maths Overview

Year 3 Maths Overview

Year 4 Maths Overview

Year 5 Maths Overview

Year 6 Maths Overview

Maths Skills Progression

Pupil Voice

What we say about maths

Our children’s learning of Personal Social Health and Emotional learning is supported through the Jigsaw Program.

PSHE = Personal and Social Education

RSE = Relationships and Sex Education (Sex Education is not compulsory, however, as a school, we are choosing to teach our children following the Jigsaw Curriculum).

Jigsaw PSHE 3 11 Progression Map

PSHE and RSE Policy

Our children’s learning of R.E. is supported through the use of the Derby and Derbyshire Agreed Syllabus

Religious Education Overview

Derbyshire And Derby City Agreed Syllabus for R.E.

Religious Education Policy