Below is a list of our main School policies which you can download. If you require anything that is not listed, please contact the School directly or via the contact form.

Equality Objectives

Linked to our Equality Policy are out 5 Equality Objectives.

Objective 1
To offer a broad, balanced and creative curriculum, which enables our young people to achieve the very best outcomes and leave education well prepared for the next steps in their lives.


Objective 2
Through Trauma informed schools, training and staff development, expectations of behaviour and conduct are applied consistently and children are supported in developing their self-regulation skills.


Objective 3
Pupils will be able to talk confidently about their understanding of the fundamental British Values and how implementing the 5 areas into daily life helps prepare them for future learning.


Objective 4
Improving the attendance of all pupils who are classed as Persistently Absent (attendance below 90 %) year on year.


Objective 5
Improving knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable pupils to appreciate and value difference and diversity, e.g. increasing understanding between pupils from different faith communities