If your child requires medication and you are not bringing your child to school, please complete this form and send in with the medicine.

Medicines in School Form

Only Prescribed Medicine can be given to children​

Only medicine can be brought into school that has been prescribed by a doctor and is within date.

In order to avoid lots of disruption to your child’s learning we would ask parents/carers to consider the following:-

  • Look at times when medicines have to be taken to see if the school day can be avoided.
  • Ask your doctor to consider the possibility of adjusting medication to avoid school time doses.

If it is necessary for a pupil to take medication in school parents/carers must complete a medicine form.

ALL medicine must be given in to the office. NO MEDICINES CAN BE STORED IN A CHILD’S BAG
Cough sweets are not a medicine and are not allowed in school.

Storage of medicine

ALL medicine must come into school in labelled container. There must be a pharmacist’s label clearly stating:-

  • name of pupil
  • date of dispensing
  • dose and dose frequency
  • cautionary advice/special storage instructions
  • name of medicine
  • expiry date – where applicable


A named member of staff will be available to supervise a child self-administering his/her medication. Staff will only administer medicine to a child as part of an Individual Treatment Plan.

The school will seek to take all reasonable, practical steps to ensure that children are able to take their medicine at the correct time. These will include:

  • A central daily ‘register’ which will be monitored by a member of staff
  • Reminder notes for classroom staff
  • Reminder notes for the pupil

Individual Treatment Plans

Some children in our school will be on long-term medication for different reasons. In these cases, the school will establish an Individual Treatment Plan (ITP) for that child’s medication. This will be done in partnership with parents/carers and appropriate outside agencies as necessary.

The plan will detail:

  • reasons for the medication
  • the medication to be taken
  • when the medication should be taken
  • how the medicine should be taken
  • who will administer it
  • any special storage arrangements

The school will ensure that the plan is known by, and available to staff, and will keep it monitored and reviewed on a regular basis.

All children using inhalers will be given an Individual Treatment Plan.

Educational Visits

If a child is taking prescribed medicine and their class is taking part in an educational visit, the same procedures for administering medicine apply.

A record will be kept of all medicines handed to staff, together with details of when they were administered to the pupils concerned.

Outside Agencies

The school will work closely with the relevant outside agencies to ensure that our policy and procedures remain relevant to the needs of our pupils, continue to match Health and Safety guidelines and meet local and national requirements.


As part of its approach to the safe management of medicines, the school will keep a record of:

  • All pupils on long-term medication ( including inhalers )
  • All drugs on the premises each day
  • All pupils taking medicines each day