Peer Listeners

Emotional Literacy is the term used to describe the ability to understand and express feelings. Emotional Literacy involves having self-awareness and recognition of one’s own feelings and knowing how to manage them, such as the ability to stay calm when angered or to reassure oneself when in doubt.

Mrs Denovan is trained ELSA teaching assistant and supports our children using a range of strategies. Please speak to her for more information.

We have a small group of year 6 children who are trained to be Peer Listeners. The children work on a rota and at lunch times the are available for children to come and speak with them to share a problem or a worry. Through their training, our year 6 children are trained in giving advice and also understand when something that has been shared needs to be told to an adult due to a safeguarding concern.

​The original training was delivered by safe speak. Click on the image above for more information.