Our Curriculum and Ethos

Intention 1: Develop our learner’s learning (Our head and body: what we learn)
To develop the appropriate subject specific knowledge, skills and understanding as set out in the National Curriculum, so that children can flourish, reach and exceed their potential academically, physically and socially.

Intention 2: Develop the character of our learners (Our heart and character: Who we are when we learn) 
To develop learners to have a holistic set of values that prepares them for life in the modern world in a diverse and ever changing community.

Intention 3: Develop behaviours and habits to become effective learners (Our actions and attitudes: How we act when we learn)
To develop the behaviours learners need to succeed in the world such as perseverance, resilience, independence, avoidance of distractions and the ability to explain our learning.

Intention 4: Develop the moral compass of our learners (Our place in the community and wider world: Who we are)
To understand spirituality in themselves and others, develop social skills and understand society, build a firm set of personal morality, to engage in the culture they live in and understand the cultures of others.